ELL Word Family List

ELL word family list free printable

Download the ELL word family list pdf and explore effective strategies and engaging activities about teaching reading CVC words to children.

ELL Word Family

Understanding the ELL Word Family: The ELL word family consists of words that share a common ending sound: “ell.” 

This sound pattern simplifies word recognition, making it easier for children to identify and decode words. 

Let’s delve into some examples of ELL words:

  •  bell
  • tell
  • sell
  • smell
  • well
  • yell
  • shell
free ELL word family list

By introducing the ELL word family, children can expand their vocabulary and develop a deeper understanding of English language patterns.

ELL Word Family Lesson Video

Teaching Strategies and Activities:

To effectively teach the ELL word family, we can implement a variety of strategies and activities that cater to the diverse learning styles of our preschoolers. Let’s explore these in more detail:

  1. Phonemic Awareness Games: Phonemic awareness is a fundamental skill for reading success. Engage children in interactive games that focus on the “ell” sound. For instance, play “I Spy” where children identify and name objects that rhyme with “bell” or “sell.” Encourage them to clap or stomp their feet for each syllable in ELL words like “smell” or “yell.” These activities strengthen their phonemic awareness and improve their ability to distinguish sounds.
  2. Word Building and Manipulation: Hands-on word-building activities provide children with opportunities to explore and manipulate language. Provide letter cards or magnetic letters and guide children in creating ELL words. Encourage them to change the beginning sound of ELL words to form new words, such as “tell” becoming “sell” or “smell” becoming “spell.” This interactive approach develops their phonics skills and promotes a deeper understanding of word families.
  3. Engrossing Story Adventures: Storybooks serve as captivating vehicles for language learning. Choose engaging books that prominently feature ELL words, such as “The Magic Bell” or “The Talking Shell.” Read aloud to the children, emphasizing the ELL sound in the words. Pause at key moments to discuss the meaning of the words and encourage children to relate them to their own experiences. This shared reading experience fosters comprehension, vocabulary growth, and a love for storytelling.

ELL Word Family List PDF

In my preschool classroom, I had the pleasure of teaching a student named Daniel. 

Initially, he struggled with differentiating between ELL words and similar-sounding words. 

To support his learning, we engaged in a multi-sensory activity. Using letter tiles and colorful pictures, we created a word wall of ELL words. 

Daniel actively participated, touching and arranging the tiles to form each word. This tactile experience helped reinforce his understanding of the ELL sound, and he gradually became more confident in identifying and reading ELL words.

By incorporating engaging strategies and activities, we empower our preschoolers on their English language learning journey. 

Through phonemic awareness games, word-building and manipulation exercises, and captivating story adventures, we foster their language development, decoding skills, and overall love for learning. 

Celebrate their progress, embrace their unique strengths, and provide a nurturing environment where they can flourish.

Remember, each step forward, no matter how small, brings them closer to language mastery. Together, let’s inspire, guide, and ignite the joy of learning within our little explorers.

That’s all for now, my dear learners. Keep up the good work, and I’ll see you in the next post!

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