EN Word Family List

EN word family list free printable

Improve your child’s reading skills through this EN word family list pdf from The Teaching Aunt. 

EN Word Family

Teaching word families has always held a special place in my heart. 

I fondly recall a memorable day in my preschool classroom when we explored the delightful world of EN words. Sitting in a cozy circle, I introduced the word “pen” and encouraged the children to say it aloud, emphasizing the distinct “en” sound. 

Their eyes lit up with curiosity and excitement, ready to embark on a learning adventure.

One of my students, Alex, had a particularly endearing way of connecting with the EN word family. 

During our writing activities, he would often ask for an extra sheet of paper to draw and write stories about his beloved pet hen named Penny. 

It was heartwarming to witness his genuine enthusiasm for incorporating EN words into his creative expressions.

free EN word family list

EN Word Family Lesson Video

Teaching EN Word Family

Drawing from these personal anecdotes and experiences, I would like to share effective strategies for teaching the EN word family:

  1. Immersion in Engaging Literature: Immerse children in literature that features prominent EN words. Choose captivating books, poems, and stories that highlight the magic of this word family. Read aloud with expressive voices, engaging their imaginations and deepening their understanding of the EN sound. Encourage them to identify EN words as they appear in the text, fostering word recognition and vocabulary expansion.
  2. Phonemic Awareness Activities: Phonemic awareness lays the foundation for successful reading and spelling. Engage children in playful activities that enhance their ability to recognize and manipulate the sounds within EN words. Create a sound scavenger hunt, where they listen attentively for EN words in their environment. Encourage them to clap out the syllables in EN words, reinforcing their understanding of the sound structure.
  3. Word Building Adventures: Invite children on word building adventures that bring the EN word family to life. Provide letter cards or magnetic tiles, allowing them to construct EN words. Encourage them to mix and match the letters to create new words within the EN family. Celebrate their creativity and highlight the connections between different EN words, strengthening their grasp of the word family and enhancing their spelling skills.
  4. Meaningful Connections: Help children make meaningful connections between EN words and their everyday lives. Encourage them to share stories or experiences related to EN words, fostering a sense of ownership and relevance. This could be as simple as discussing words like “den” and “ten” while talking about animals or counting. By anchoring the word family in their personal experiences, children develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for language.

As parents and preschool teachers, we have the privilege of guiding our children’s educational journeys. 

By incorporating interactive activities, and a genuine love for learning, we can cultivate a lifelong passion for reading, writing, and spelling in our young learners.

Remember, each child’s progress is unique, and celebrating their achievements—no matter how small—is crucial for their growth. 

Together, let’s create a nurturing environment where children feel supported, encouraged, and empowered to explore the wonders of the EN word family.

EN Word Family List 

That’s all for now, my dear learners. Keep up the good work, and I’ll see you in the next post!

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