Household Items as Toys Series: Coin Bank for Toddlers’ Fine Motor Development

Coin Bank for Toddlers: Household Items as Toys Series

Who would have thought that shooting coins in a coin bank is a really good activity for toddlers?

We’ve always had coin banks in the house ever since my sister and I were little.

This money saving practice is my dad’s influence.

He has always believed in the power of saving money (and investing). And for him, every peso counts, that is why he also has a coin bank. He has one at home, and back when he was still working, he also had a coin bank in the office.

I have fond childhood memories of my dad’s coin savings. Back then, during Christmas season, he would bring home the coins that he saved and he would put it in a jar. And every time there were carolers, we would get the coins and give it to them.

Fast forward to present time. We still have a coin bank in the house. But this time it’s not only for saving coins.

It has an additional purpose!

It is now also used as a fine motor activity for my nephew.

And he loves it!

My sister would put coins in a paper cup and she would ask Seb to shoot the coins in the coin bank slot.

It was fairly challenging for him. As he does this, you can see the aura of concentration on his forehead.

And if you pay attention to his fingers, you can clearly see his pincer grip at work.

Coin Bank as A Fine Motor Activity for Toddlers

This activity is so simple, it’s genius!

Plus, this activity is a good jumpstart for a financial literacy lesson in the future!

Teacher’s Advice:

Put the coins in a shallow container before your child shoots them in the coin bank rather than giving it to him/her per piece.

This way your child can maximize the use of his/her pincer grip.

I highly recommend this very practical fine motor activity. I hope you try it with your child, too.

Coin Bank for Toddlers

Coin Bank for Toddlers Pin 1

Here are other simple and practical fine motor activities that your toddlers can do at home- and there is absolutely NO PREPARATION required! 

Do let me know your thoughts. <3

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17 Responses

  1. It’s always a great idea to teach children how to save money! I love this idea and if I ever have my own kids, I’ll try it out for sure. 🙂

  2. This is such a great idea! I can see how this would help fine motor skills. My son would do things like this when he was tiny since he has autism and always struggled with fine motor skills.

  3. We recently set up a piggy bank for our son. I never considered it to have such great learning techniques behind it, I’ll absolutely start having him place the coins in!

  4. Very practical! I’m up for anything minamilst and cost effective stuff. Although I still don’t have a child, I think this would really be a great alternative to other expensive toys which they tend to outgrow so fast.

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