Coloring Activity for Toddlers: Do It Now Or Later?

Coloring for Toddlers: Do It Now or Later?

Coloring activity for toddlers? Is it possible?

Crayons and colored pencils are a staple in every preschool classroom.

And I’m 99.99% sure that a household with a toddler living in it has these coloring materials, too!

Coloring for Toddlers: What Age To Introduce Crayons?

The question is: When should coloring be introduced to children?

As a professional, I believe that coloring CAN be introduced to children as early as toddler years.

Notice the emphasis on the word can?

Letting a toddler tinker with crayons would benefit his/her fine motor skills.

As your child takes control of the crayon, he/she is unknowingly strengthening his/her hand and wrist muscles.

But I think it is important not to force the idea of coloring to toddlers.

Exposing them to crayons or colored pencils is already a mighty step. Asking them to actually color is still not in the picture at this point.

Seb was barely 12 months old when we first introduced him crayons. At that time, we just wanted him to be familiar with the material. We definitely didn’t expect anything from him except hold the crayons, look at them and NOT EAT them. 😛

Oh, and we also gave him papers! Just in case.

We surely don’t want him to write and color the walls. Yikes!

Coloring for Toddlers
Seb at 1 year and six months- holding his colored pencil like a dagger!

But aside from that, we did nothing else. We just let him scribble on the paper and just enjoy the crayons. We did remind him not to munch on the crayons, though. 🙂

Coloring activity for toddlers is a pre-academic activity, so as much as possible we want Seb to have a fantastic experience of it so he would have a positive concept of school.

So for now, while he’s still developing his hand and wrist muscles, we would gladly settle for intersecting lines, parallel lines, loops and circles.

And we’ll show it to him when he’s already 18. And if he still draws the same way, we’ll judge him to the moon and back!  😛

Teacher’s Advice:

Coloring can be introduced as early as toddler years.

Provide papers so your child would learn the idea that they are supposed to write on it and not on the walls (or anywhere else for that matter!)

Coloring For Toddlers

Is your toddler already doing coloring activities? How is it? I’d love to hear your stories. <3

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40 Responses

  1. Our grandson comes from a family of artists. When he turned 1 we bought him large crayons. He was instantly sold. While there are many activities he enjoys, drawing seems to be #1. When he visits us it’s the 1st thing he wants to do. In his own home there is not a day when he doesn’t want to draw. It’s mostly circular drawings with scribbly lines. He asks who ever he’s with to draw things. He has never tried to draw on anything other than the paper that’s been given. He holds is pencil/crayon properly and switches hands frequently. He is soon to be 19 months old. We think it’s time to introduce him to a coloring book.

    1. That is awesome! It must be great to be surrounded by artists.😀 Your grandson is truly blessed. I hope he continues to enjoy colouring and drawing. In these times, a lot of children get distracted with technology that they swap their crayons and pencils to gadgets and game consoles.
      Thank you so much for reaching out. I enjoyed reading your comment. It’s messages like this that motivates me to keep working on my website. Happy learning!

  2. My girls have been coloring for a really long time. I think we started introducing crayons and crafts things when they were 2.

  3. I know we introduced coloring to our daughter during the toddler years. I think her learning coordination and everything was great. But then she started drawing on the walls, and it wasn’t so nice. 🙂

  4. I always believe that we need not force youngsters to learn how to write or color. As they see us hold a pen or color, they are most likely be interested. Grab that opportunity. It wouldn’t hurt if we make it a habit to draw or write so they will be used to the idea. In no time, you will be surprised they are writing or drawing eagerly and like a pro.

  5. Coloring is a really good activity for toddlers. That will build up creativity in them. And also, it boost their memory. My mother said I was used to color on books even on walls when I was child.

  6. I think creativity can be introduced early. I remember my brother was used to love to paint the walls when he was a toddler if he had paper and coloring books would have been easier.

  7. Actually some of my first memories involve coloring. I was given coloring pencils and books probably when I was a toddler, and I remember how much I used to love drawing. I had no talent and my “art pieces” were always scribbles, but I had so much fun creating.

  8. That’s great! My nephew’s coloring material are in a small backpack. And when he wants to color, we put it on him and we tell him, “Okay, it’s time to go to school!” Then we’d walk around the house, go back to the room, bring out the crayons then he’d start coloring. It’s like a ritual that he seems to enjoy, too! And when he’s done, he packs up (he already knows how by himself) and then put the backpack on again, walk around the house and then go back to the room. And then we say, “Welcome home!”
    It’s silly really but as long as he’s happy! 😁
    Thanks for dropping by! I hope your child continues to enjoy coloring. 😊

  9. So cute! I definitely let my 1 year old scribble with crayons and markers all he wants (supervised). We keep all his art stuff in a box on a shelf, and when we pull it down for him he sits on the carpet and is so excited! It is a great way to teach him colors and counting. We also keep stickers in the box, which he loves more than anything else, haha!

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