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Help your child become a confident reader through this OG word family list pdf from The Teaching Aunt.

Welcome, parents and preschool teachers! In the realm of early literacy, introducing word families holds immense value in fostering reading and writing skills among young learners. 

Today, we embark on a delightful journey into the OG word family, exploring engaging activities and effective strategies that will captivate and inspire preschool children. 

OG word family list pdf free

OG Word Family

Before we delve into the activities, let’s take a moment to understand the importance of word families. 

Word families consist of groups of words that share a common phonetic pattern, like the OG word family (e.g., dog, log, frog). 

By introducing children to word families, we provide them with a solid foundation for decoding words, expanding their vocabulary, and nurturing a lifelong love for reading.

Teaching OG Word Family to Children

Activity 1: Word Family Sort 

Kickstart your exploration of the OG word family with a stimulating word sort activity. 

Prepare a collection of word cards with various OG words. Encourage children to categorize the words into groups based on their endings. 

For instance, they can sort words into “-og,” “-log,” and “-frog” groups. This activity enhances phonemic awareness and visual recognition while fostering critical thinking skills.

I fondly remember the excitement in my classroom as the children actively participated in the word family sort activity. Little Sarah exclaimed with a big smile, “Look, Teacher Lisa! I found a ‘log’ word! L-o-g, log!”

Activity 2: Word Family Puzzles 

Combine the joy of problem-solving and word recognition with word family puzzles. 

Create puzzles by writing individual letters on small cards and cutting them apart. Include letters needed to form OG words such as d, o, g, l, f, and r. 

Challenge children to assemble the cards to form OG word family words. This hands-on activity promotes letter recognition, fine motor skills, and reinforces the relationship between sounds and words.

During a word family puzzle session, a determined little boy named Ethan successfully pieced together the letters to form the word “frog.” With a beaming smile, he proudly exclaimed, “I solved the ‘frog’ puzzle, Teacher Amy!”

Activity 3: Sensory Storytelling 

Engage children’s senses and unleash their creativity with sensory storytelling. 

Choose a captivating story featuring OG words, such as “The Adventures of Ollie the Dog.” 

Create sensory bins with materials like colored rice, toy dogs, logs, and miniature frogs. 

As you read the story aloud, invite children to immerse their hands in the sensory bins, allowing them to experience the elements of the story.

Encourage them to identify OG words as they encounter them, enhancing vocabulary development and comprehension.

I remember during a sensory storytelling session, the room was filled with wonder as the children immersed themselves in the story of Ollie the Dog. Sophia eagerly shouted, “Look, Teacher Mark! I found a ‘log’ just like in the story!”

Activity 4: Rhyme Time 

Tap into the power of rhyme with a lively and educational rhyming activity. 

Gather a variety of objects or pictures representing OG words, such as a toy dog, a log, or a frog. 

Encourage children to identify and say the names of the objects, emphasizing the ending sound. Then, provide additional objects or pictures and ask them to select the one that rhymes with the OG word. 

This activity boosts phonological awareness and reinforces the concept of word families.

OG Word Family List PDF

As parents and preschool teachers, we hold the key to unlocking a world of language and imagination for our children. 

By incorporating engaging activities like word family sorts, puzzles, sensory storytelling, and rhyming games, we ignite a love for reading and empower children on their journey to becoming confident readers and writers. 

Let’s embark on this delightful adventure together and witness the joy and excitement that the OG word family brings to our little learners!

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