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free ag word famliy list

Learn about CVC words through this AG word family list free printable from The Teaching Aunt. 

Together, let’s explore how we can ignite a love for reading, writing, and spelling in our little learners through the power of word families. 

AG Word Family

First and foremost, let’s gain a comprehensive understanding of the AG word family. This word family comprises words that share a common ending sound: “ag.” 

By recognizing this sound pattern, children can easily identify and remember words within this family. 

Here are some captivating examples of AG words to explore:

  • bag
  • gag
  • hag
  • lag
  • nag
  • sag
  • tag
  • wag
AG word family list free printable

Teaching AG Word Family

The AG word family, oh, how it holds a special place in my heart. I vividly remember a sunny morning in my preschool classroom when we delved into this group of words. 

Sitting in a circle, we began our exploration with the simple word “bag.” As we said it aloud, we focused on the distinctive “ag” sound, exaggerating it with playful enthusiasm. The children giggled and eagerly joined in, their eyes sparkling with curiosity.

With each new AG word we introduced, I witnessed their confidence grow. 

One day, as we were engaging in a spelling activity, one of my students, Emma, proudly raised her hand and exclaimed, “Teacher, I found an AG word on the sign outside our classroom!” 

It was a beautiful moment of connection and real-world application, as Emma showcased her ability to recognize and relate AG words beyond our lessons.

Now to help you teach your child, here are some strategies I’ve found effective in nurturing children’s understanding and mastery of the AG word family:

  • Immerse in the Magic of Word Families:

Start by immersing your little learners in the wonders of word families. Share stories, poems, and books that prominently feature AG words. 

Make it a captivating experience by using expressive voices, gestures, and props. 

Encourage children to identify AG words as they appear in the text, fostering their familiarity with the sound pattern and expanding their vocabulary. 

  • Playful Phonemic Awareness Activities:

Phonemic awareness forms the foundation of reading and spelling success. Engage your children in playful activities that enhance their ability to recognize and manipulate sounds within AG words. 

Create a sound hunt, where children listen attentively for AG words in their surroundings and share their findings with the class. Invite them to clap out the syllables in AG words, amplifying their understanding of the sound structure. 

  • Word Building Adventures:

Invite your little learners on exciting word-building adventures! Provide them with letter cards or magnetic tiles to create AG words. Encourage them to manipulate the letters, mix them up, and create new words within the AG family. 

Celebrate their creativity and highlight the connections between different AG words, strengthening their understanding of the sound pattern and expanding their spelling abilities. 

  • Celebrate Spelling Triumphs:

Spelling activities can be a source of joy and celebration in the classroom. Create spelling challenges where children compete to spell AG words correctly. Offer rewards and praise for their efforts, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and growth. 

Share stories of famous authors or poets who have mastered spelling through word families, inspiring your little learners to strive for excellence.

AG Word Family Lesson Video

AG Word Family List PDF

Teaching the AG word family is a delightful adventure that opens up a world of possibilities for our children. 

Through interactive activities and genuine enthusiasm, we can instill a love for reading, writing, and spelling that will stay with them for life.

As we journey together on this path, remember that each child’s progress is unique. Celebrate their achievements, both big and small, and provide a nurturing environment where they feel empowered to explore and express themselves. 

Let us continue to create magical moments in the classroom, igniting the spark of lifelong learning.

Keep shining, my fellow educators, and keep nurturing those beautiful minds!

To further help you teach your child how to read CVC words, here’s The Teaching Aunt’s AT word family list with pictures that you can download for free. 

This preschool printable comes in A4 and 8.5 x 11 inches. Just click on the link of your preferred paper size and it will download automatically. 

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