Tissue Paper Roll Monsters Art and Craft

Tissue Paper Roll Monsters

My nephew and I are back to doing art and craft activities regularly. Today, we made Tissue Paper Roll Monsters!

Tissue Paper Roll Monsters

Since it’s just a couple of days before Halloween, I think it’s just timely to work on some cute TP Roll Monsters. 😀


  • tissue paper rolls
  • paint (assorted colors)
  • googly eyes
  • mouth cut-outs
  • glue
  • fuzzy wires

Tissue Paper Roll Monsters


  1. Paint the tissue paper roll with your desired color.
  2. Once the paint is dry, cut out two holes on the side of the TP roll.
  3. Insert the fuzzy wire through the hole. This will be your monster’s arms.
  4. Paste googly eyes. 1,2,3, or more eyes, you decide!
  5. Paste the mouth.
  6. Put some additional designs if you like (hair, mustache, eyebrows, etc.)

My nephew enjoyed making these little monsters. The painting part and pasting the googly eyes were his favorites.

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