Household Items as Toys Series: Kitchen Tongs for Toddlers’ Fine Motor Development

Kitchen Tongs for Toddlers: Household Items as Toys Series

Two weeks ago, my nephew only had his eyes on his lacing toys. And as I’ve explained in a previous post, lacing activity has a lot of benefits to toddlers who are just developing their fine motor muscles.

That is why I was glad that he took a liking to the toy. 🙂

But this week, the lacing toy finally lost its wonder. They are no longer Seb’s favorite toy. (My sister and I already expected this.)

Seb has now moved on to KITCHEN TONGS!

The other day, when we went to Japan Homes, my sister bought kitchen tongs for Seb (as per big sister’s recommendation. Ehem!) 😛

The kitchen tongs that my sister bought has rubber at the end so it’s fairly safe for Seb to play with it.

It was love at first sight for Seb when he first caught a glimpse of the tongs!

Since that day, he always has his kitchen tongs on hand. It has become his constant companion in all of his plays.

He would use the tongs to get his toy cars and  transfer his miniature animals. He uses it to point to objects when inside the house. And he uses it to explore when he’s outside.

My sister wasn’t able to escape the tongs, too. As her nose also got pinched! 😀

And just this morning, Seb unknowingly did a Montessori activity! He transferred stones using the tongs.


At the moment, we don’t have a structured activity yet using the kitchen tongs (although Seb has already started this morning with his first transferring activity.) We just want him to be familiar with it and just enjoy.

But soon, we will already introduce some Montessori activities to him using the tongs.

As a teacher, I know that kitchen tongs are beneficial for the development of toddlers’ fine motor skills. And the more purposeful the activity is, the more skills are targeted.

I highly recommend that children -as early as toddler-age,  be introduced to this very versatile household item. Just make sure that the material is kid-safe!

I have a number of activities for Seb using kitchen tongs. And I can’t wait for him to work on them. And of course, I’m also excited to share it with you all.

But for now, we’ll just let Seb use the tongs whichever way he likes.


Teacher’s Advice:

Introduce kitchen tongs (made of kid-safe materials) to your toddlers.

It’s good for fine motor skills development.

Kitchen Tongs for Toddlers' Fine Motor Development

Kitchen Tongs for Toddlers' Fine Motor Development

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42 Responses

  1. That is too cute! It’s funny what kids gravitate to! My daughter has told me that her 3 girls are always taking dish towels and oven mitts out of the kitchen drawers. They use them as blankets and sleeping bags for their dolls! 🙂

  2. This is a great idea. He is fully engaged in using it and developing his fine motor skills at the same time. Well done aunty and mommy.

  3. I have to agree, ours is now three and he loves the tongs, whenever he can get hold of it he is happy. This also goes for the different spoons and a small bowl or two. He loves moving stuff around. Especially the milk flavoring ….

  4. First off- he’s so adorable! I love how something so simple- that we all probably have in our houses already- can have such great benefits to kids! It seems to be a great way to keep them preoccupied while learning!

  5. I didn’t think kitchen tongs could beneficial for developing motor skills for a toddler. My friend who is a pre-school teacher could really benefit from this post, I’ll make sure to share it with her!

  6. Tongs are great for fine motor skills. We use them in our preschool class all the time. I’ll have to try this with my daughter since she just found a pair of tongs in the kitchen today. Hi

    1. I also got this idea from a Montessori seminar that I attended. It was very helpful and practical. 😁 Ever since, kitchen tongs became a staple item in my classroom and at home, too!

  7. It’s so funny, because we spend all these money on fancy toys and the kids pretty much would rather play with any old pots and pans anyway! Haha

  8. That photo of him using the tongs on the shrubs is just about the cutest thing. 🙂

    This post was definitely helpful in thinking of things I can let my daughter play with when she’s old enough. She’s only 9 months at the moment, but tongs will definitely be on my mind a little later. 🙂

  9. How simple and creative to just take a pan and let your child collect rocks! Not only does it keep them busy for a good amount of time, it develops their motor skills– and all of it is free. I’ve had so many wins with just everyday things around the house when it comes to toys for my children. I think these tips are awesome!

  10. Such a great idea, never actually thought of it! I love activities that actually help with toddlers ‘ development, my son was obsessed with transferring water from one bowl to the other by a sponge! Will give this a try once my daughter is old enough.

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