Earth Day Short Story for Kids

Free Earth Day Short Story for Kids

Download this free Earth Day Short Story for Kids template. Develop your child’s creativity, concentration and vocabulary through these Earth Day-Themed printable. Best of all, these Earth Day worksheets require no preparation, making them a hassle-free activity for parents, teachers, and homeschoolers alike. Simply print the short story template and you’re ready to go!

Hello, dear parents and teachers! Today, I’m excited to share a heartwarming Earth Day short story for kids called “The River Clean-Up Crew.” Inspired by the spirit of Earth Day, this story follows the journey of four animal friends who come together to make a difference in their community.

Earth Day Short Story Cover

Short Story About Earth Day

Title: The River Clean-Up Crew

In a cozy town by the river, Sammy the Squirrel, Daisy the Deer, Benny the Bunny, and Tommy the Turtle were best friends. One day, they found their river filled with trash. Determined to clean it up, they formed the River Clean-Up Crew.

They grabbed bags and gloves, working together to pick up trash along the riverbank. Benny and Tommy dove into the water, while Sammy and Daisy collected trash on land.

With songs and laughter, they worked tirelessly until the river sparkled again. Proud of their hard work, they shared a picnic by the river and promised to always care for their home.

From then on, they celebrated Earth Day together, knowing that friendship and teamwork could make a big difference in their world.

But the story doesn’t end there! To celebrate their hard work and the spirit of Earth Day, we’re offering a free printable worksheet for kids. This worksheet includes the story of “The River Clean-Up Crew,” and children are invited to use their creativity to make their own illustrations based on the story.

Earth Day Short Story for Kids Template

The short story above is a simple story about Earth Day. I recommend that you sit down with your child and tell this story. Ask questions to make sure your child understands it. And make it interactive, too!

Don’t be afraid to act silly. Children love silliness!

And lastly, print the template below and ask your child to illustrate the story. I’m sure your child will love the story even more. And when your child is done with his masterpiece, feel free to showcase it to the rest of the family. Or even on social media!

Earth Day Short Story page 1
Earth Day Short Story page 2
Earth Day Short Story page 3

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To further help you teach your child about Earth Day, here’s The Teaching Aunt’s Earth Day worksheets that you can download for free. 

These preschool printables come in A4 paper size. Just click on the link and it will download automatically. 

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Encourage your little ones to dive into the story and bring it to life through their drawings. As they color and draw, remind them of the importance of caring for our planet and working together to protect the environment.

Let’s empower our children to become environmental stewards and celebrate the beauty of our Earth every day. Together, we can make a difference, one small action at a time.

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Let’s continue to spread love and kindness to our planet and all its creatures.

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  1. These worksheets are useful for my students who are starting to write and read. Thank you for your free worksheets.

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