Back-To-School: How To Get Your Child Ready and Excited for School

Back to School Tips: How To Get Your Child Ready for School

Going back to school can be a time of great excitement… and/or anxiety, depending on your child’s experience the previous year. And there’s no better timing to start anew than the first day of school. Here are a couple of teacher-approved tips to help your child to have a wonderful start.

Back to School Tips: How To Get Your Child Ready for School

Back to School Tips: How To Get Your Child Ready for School

1. Tour the school

Before the actual school year begins, pay your child’s school a visit.

If it’s your child’s first time in that school, the visit would help him familiarise himself with his new environment.

For old timers, the visit will help them get excited about going back to the grind as they see the new decors and posters that the teachers and staff have put up to welcome the students to the new school year. 

2. Meet the teacher

Back to School Tips: How To Get Your Child Ready for School
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Get to know your child’s new teacher. Take the opportunity to know more about the adult who will be spending her time teaching your child. Ask questions. And if you have special requests and reminders, now is the time to do that, too. 

3. Ease into the routine

Try to ease into a routine a few days or even weeks before the new school year begins. 

Particularly for sleep, make sure your child adjusts her body clock accordingly. 

4. Stock up on school supplies

Back to School Tips: How To Get Your Child Ready for School
Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Get ready to stock up on the basics if possible so you won’t find yourself scurrying to the bookstore in the middle of the night. 

Plus having your child’s school supplies on hand adds to his excitement. The smell of new stationeries and supplies will definitely help your child look forward to going back to school. 

5. Talk to your child

Have a heart to heart talk with your child. Ask him about his concerns or worries. Tell him all about the exciting things he’ll be learning and doing with his classmates. 

Make sure to instruct your child about safety, too. Sensitive but very important topics like talking to strangers, inappropriate touching and privacy should be addressed firsthand at home. 

Bonus tip: 

You may also jumpstart your child’s learning by doing some back-to-school activities at home. It’s a great way to ease in your child to doing seat works and paper-pencil activities in the classroom. 

Here’s a back-to-school word search worksheet that you and your child will surely enjoy!

The Teaching Aunt Terms and Conditions

Get back to school with this word search from! Check out these educational reading games for more learning fun.

Teacher’s Note: 

Be positive throughout the whole back-to-school experience. Remember there’s a child feeding off your excitement and positivity. 

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Back to School Tips: How To Get Your Child Ready for School

9 Responses

    1. Starting a routine is also good for parents. 😁 And teachers! After the summer vacation or any long vacation, it is just so difficult to go back to work mode or study mode. 😅 Thank you!

  1. great post, meeting the teacher, seeing the school ahead of time definitely helped my son feel ready for kindergarten, we also read book about getting ready and that helped too! =)

    1. I totally agree! Reading books about going back to school is an effective to get your child ready for school. 😁 My favorite is ‘The Kissing Hand’. It helps with children (and parents) with separation anxiety.

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