Z is for Zebra Art and Craft

Z is for Zebra Art and Craft

Before we leave 2019 behind, let’s finish this alphabet craft series with the Z is for Zebra Art and Craft Activity!

Z is for Zebra Art and Craft

We are now just hours away from 2020. And I think it’s just so timely to post the last letter of the alphabet on the last day of the year. A wonderful closure for 2019, don’t you think so?

In my classroom, I always make sure that our activities have clear endings. I explain to the children that we are finished with a lesson or activity.


Because I want my preschoolers to know that the effort that they exerted is commended and appreciated. Also, this is to psyche them up for the next activity and lesson. Overall, closures give the students the right frame of mind when it comes to learning.

Isn’t it the same with adults? We want to know exactly when something is over so we can rejoice for what we’ve successfully finished and then prepare for what’s next to come.

How to positively end an activity?

  1. Praise your students for a job well done. Give positive and sincere feedbacks.
  2. Have an ending party- Like when we finished with our rice project, we brought different rice dishes to school and we had a party. 
  3. Give certificates- Every time my class is done learning all the letters, I give them cute certificates fo completion. My preschoolers love them and it somehow feels like a mini-graduation for me. 
  4. Display their work- Nothing is clearer to my students that our activity is over than when I start hanging or posting their work in the classroom. It fills them with immense pride to see their work on display. 
  5. Review- This might sound boring but I think this is an essential ending to a lesson. It’s a straightforward way to check what the students have learned and if follow up is needed. 

Now let’s end this post, here’s the last letter of this alphabet craft series.

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Z is for Zebra Art and Craft Activity


  • White art paper
  • Black art paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Rules


  1. Draw and cut an outline of the letter Z on a white art paper.
  2. Cut pieces for the eyes and mane, and strips of black paper as zebra stripes.
  3. Glue the pieces together. 

Teacher’s Note:

Have clear endings for lessons and activities so your child can get the feeling of having accomplished something and to prepare her for what’s next.

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Z is for Zebra Free Coloring Worksheet

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  1. I’m trying to print the Alphabet art and craft but somehow it isn’t allowing me to do so. I didn’t have problems printable your other printable pages but just this one. Please advise. Thank you!

    1. Hi, Linda! Thank you for reaching out. I checked the link and it’s good in my end. Hmmm…. Maybe let it rest awhile and then see if it works. I’m sorry this happened. 😔

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