Jack O’ Lantern Craft for Toddlers

Jack O' Lantern Craft for Toddlers

We’re prepping my nephew for Halloween. And what better way to introduce him to this tradition but through art and craft! Here is our take on Jack O’ Lantern Craft for Toddlers!

Jack O' Lantern Craft for Toddlers

I found this very cute art and craft on Pinterest. It’s super simple and super cute!

Click here for the original source of this Jack O’ Lantern Craft for Toddlers.


  • paper plate
  • orange paper
  • green paper
  • brown paper
  • glue
  • mouth, eyes and nose cut outs


  1. Cut the orange paper into small pieces and paste them on the paper plate.
  2. Cut a small piece from the brown paper and paste it as the twig.
  3. Trace your toddler’s hand on the green paper, cut the hand print and paste it as the leaf.
  4. Lastly, paste the eyes, nose and mouth.
  5. Tadah! Enjoy your Jack O’ Lantern!

Seb really enjoyed having his hand traced. So ended up with 4 hand print leaves. 😀

We also worked on other Halloween-themed art and crafts. These are all cute and simple. 🙂

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I’m looking forward to doing more art and craft with my nephew. And one of my favorite source is  gluedtomycraftsblog. It has a lot of art and craft that are suitable for toddlers. Do check them out! 😀

Do you have other art and craft website that you recommend? Please let me know through the comment box below. 

Happy Halloween!

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Jack O' Lantern Craft for Toddlers

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