Benefits of Water Play for Children: 5 Awesome Reason To Get Wet and Wild with Your Child!

Benefits of Water Play for Children: 5 Awesome Reasons To Get Wet and Wild With Your Child

Benefits of Water Play for Children

Our environment is the best teacher. And one the elements that is always available is water.

Water play is both fun and educational. Children just can’t help but be drawn to the feeling of getting wet. And they can’t seem to get enough of it.

It is then important that you expose your child to this wet activity and make it a part of your regular routine. I’m sure that it won’t be that difficult. Your child takes a bath regularly, right?

Here are awesome reasons why your child needs to play with water:

Benefits of Water Play for Children

1. Promotes Physical Development

Water play helps to develop children’s hand-eye coordination as they do actions like pouring, scooping, stirring, squeezing and squirting. These movements also help develop their pincer grip.

Pincer grip enables a child to hold the pencil properly. Having a good pincer grip is indicative of good writing performance in the future.

2. Develops Problem Solving Skills

During water play, children get to explore and make new discoveries. From simple activities like floating and sinking, they get to have an exciting hands-on way for them to learn about the world.

Water play also boosts children’s creativity and imagination. And we all know that coming up with original ideas can help in problem solving.

3. Boosts Emotional Quotient

Being around water is therapeutic. Probably because our body is buoyant on water. This in turn makes us feel relaxed. And sometimes that is just what our children need. They need an outlet to vent extra energy so they can calm down.

This is good for the children because they get to cool down. And also good for us adults because we get to have a moment of peace. And don’t we all want that?

4. Fosters Social Development

Water play is a good opportunity for children to practice taking turns and sharing. When done as a group, it could help children learn the concept of team work and cooperation. They learn that helping each other makes a task easier. Plus, it’s more fun, too!

5. Promotes Language Development

Engaging in water play is a great activity where children can develop their communication skills. As they are exposed to different materials and activities, they increase their vocabulary.

Also, as they talk and exchange ideas with their playmates, they get to practice forming sentences so they can be understood. And then, they get to practice their listening skills as well as they listen to their playmates talk.

Water play is a simple yet fun activity that you can include in your child’s daily routine. It has a lot of benefits that could help your child develop into a well-rounded person.

And I’m sure that it will be a very memorable childhood experience that your child will definitely remember with fondness when he’s already an adult.

Benefits of Water Play for Children

Is water play already part of your child’s routine? What is your child’s favorite water activity?

I would be very happy to hear from you, so do drop me a comment!

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