5 Awesome Outdoor Activities for Children: How To Make Your Child Love The Great Outdoors

5 Awesome Outdoor Activities for Children: How To Make Your Child Love The Great Outdoors

Play is how children clock in work. They spend most of their day playing that you sometimes wonder: How can they have so much energy for it?

Well, the answer is simple. Play is fun and that is why children can do it all day long.

It is an established fact that children learn through play. But aside from providing tons of toys and manipulative to your child, simply bringing him outdoors could open a lot of learning opportunities for him.

Here are simple yet awesome outdoor play activities that you can do with your child today:

How To Make Your Child Love Outdoor Play

1. Walk the pet

You and your child can go around the block with your trusted pet. This activity can help your child develop love for animals. It could also be a way to teach him about responsibility.


2. Water the plants

Water play is always a hit to children so they will surely love this one. Same with walking the pet, this activity teaches responsibility and love for plants.

3. Exercise

This would be like hitting two birds with one stone. Your child gets to play and you get to lose a couple of pounds! A simple jog or aerobic routine could definitely help you and your child hit your fitness goals.

Your child would also think of you as one of the Avengers as you lift and carry him around. After this activity, say hello to your toned biceps!


4. Go on a picnic

It’s always fun to eat. And you can definitely double the fun when you do it outside on a field grass with just the right amount of sunshine hitting your face.

5. Hunt for bugs

Act like real hunters as you go from bush to bush looking for little critters. This activity will help your child become more observant and curious with his surroundings.

Remember to have your magnifying lens on hand!


These activities are definitely a must-do! And what’s even better, you don’t even have to spend a lot.

What you need to spend though is time. In our busy lives, it’s sometimes difficult to add an outdoor trip to the mix. Especially when it’s just so easy to stay at home and let the gadgets do the entertaining.

Just think of it this way, you are investing in your child’s memory bank. Remember, he will not be a child forever.

How To Make Your Child Love The Great Outdoors

So what outdoor activities do you enjoy doing with your child?

I would definitely love to hear from you, so do drop me a comment.

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23 Responses

  1. These are cool things to get your child active outdoors. I know as a kid I loved doing the exercise things with my mom. It was a lot of fun running up and down the hills and doing all the different exercises.

  2. I love the walking the pet idea. My son is not a year old yet , and always enjoys our walks more when we bring the dogs along.

    1. My nephew I also loves walking our pet pug. Though we need to keep an eye on both of them because they both can be playful at times. You know those sneaky eating of things they find. 😬

  3. As a city family, we walk ALOT but with twins plus one, it is just so much easier to have the youngest ones in the stroller all the time. Thank you for the reminder that I need to find the time (and patience) to let them wander around and explore!

    1. Wow! You have a big family, meaning more people to love. 😊 Yeah, it can be quite challenging to do walks when you have have to keep an eye on three little ones. I wish you luck, Heather! I know you can do it. 😊

  4. I used to love hunting for bugs when I was little. Or doing scavenger hunts, which we usually did in summer, through school. We were given papers with objects that we had to gather from the nature. It was a great way to exercise.

  5. Great ideas! My daughter loves to be outside. My son is the one I sort of have to force. He usually will come out to see something cool, and then he’s done.

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