Shapes Game Cards Free Printable

Shapes Game Cards Free Printable

Have fun with your child while learning about basic shapes through a card game using this preschool freebie- Shapes Game Cards Free Printable!

Shapes Game Cards Free Printable

Learning should be fun! That’s why I love incorporating games in my classes. In today’s post, I’ll share with you the game cards that I use for teaching basic shapes. 

One of my favourite card games to play with my students is karuta. Karuta is an old Japanese card game which basically asks the players to hoard cards. 

How To Play Karuta

  1. Prepare game cards based on your topic (e.g. fruits, shapes, colors, etc…)
  2. Spread all the cards face up on a flat surface between the players.
  3. Teacher calls out a word.
  4. Students race each other to grab the correct card.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until no cards remain.
  6. Whoever has the most cards wins!

Here’s another variation of how you can play karuta in the classroom:

Board Karuta

  1. Post flashcards or game cards on the board.
  2. Move all chairs and desk to the side of the classroom.
  3. Divide students into groups.
  4. Have all students line up in their groups and stand at the back of the classroom.
  5. Draw an imaginary line on the floor and have the first person in each group stand behind it.
  6. Teacher calls out a word.
  7. The students standing at the front line of each group must race each other to grab the correct card.
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until no cards remain.
  9. The group with the most cards wins!

Click here for shapes flashcards free printable.

My students love playing karuta as much as I do. They enjoy the thrill of racing to grab the cards. They can get really competitive while playing. 

As a teacher, I find karuta as an effective tool to teach my students for the following reasons:

  • makes students focus and really pay attention (as they listen to the keyword being called out)
  • Delivers lessons in a fun and engaging manner
  • Taps on kinesthetic, auditory, and visual learners
  • Develops sportsmanship
  • Encourages cooperation and team work (board karuta)

Karuta is an easy and versatile card game. Do try it!

And if you’re planning to play this game as part of your basic shapes lesson, you may download the free game cards below. 

Shapes Game Cards Free Printable

These game cards come in PDF format so they’re easy to download and print. And they come in two sizes- medium and small-sized cards.

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Shapes Game Cards Free Printable

Teacher’s Note:

Play games to introduce/ teach topics in a fun and engaging manner.

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