Free Alphabet Fruits and Vegetables Flashcards

Free Alphabet Fruits and Vegetables Flashcards from The Teaching Aunt

Combine two lessons in one material when you download these Free Alphabet Fruits and Vegetables Flashcards from the Teaching Aunt!

Learning the alphabet is one of the foundations in preschool.

It is rightfully so because learning the letters lead to reading.

Once a child learns how to read a whole new world will open up for him.

Reading is considered a life skill.

Free Alphabet Fruits and Vegetables Flashcards from The Teaching Aunt

Life is definitely easier when you can read. Imagine your daily living without the ability to read printed words.

You will not be able to read the following:

  • directions/ maps
  • grocery items
  • newspaper
  • forms and subscriptions
  • bills and receipts
  • medicine labels/ prescriptions
  • menu
  • and a whole ton of other printed materials!

Do you see now why reading is so important?

Now let’s go back to learning the letters as that’s Step 1 right there.

How to Teach the Alphabet to Children?

  1. Sing the Alphabet Song or other lively and catchy songs about the letters.
  2. Read alphabet stories.
  3. Play letter-themed games like matching big and small letters. Or finding objects that begin with a specific letter.
  4. Use cute and colorful alphabet flashcards to keep your child interested.
  5. Keep it realistic by using letters flashcards with pictures of concrete objects.
  6. Answer easy to challenging alphabet worksheets.
  7. Connect the lesson about letters to other topics like numbers, animals, fruits, vegetables, etc…
  8. Make alphabet arts and crafts
  9. Work on fine motor skill activities while connecting it with letters like playdough molding using alphabet mats for patterns.
  10. Eat alphabet cereals and spell words!

Wow! I’m actually impressed with myself how I came up with that list so fast.

I guess experience does matter.

Thank you, almost two decades of teaching experience!

Since we’re already on the topic of teaching experience, I’d like to share with you when I combined the lesson about the alphabet, fruits and vegetables.

It was awesome!

My students really enjoyed learning about the names of different fruits and vegetables while emphasising on beginning sound.

That’s phonemic awareness right there!

Another skill that leads to reading.

Personally, I also enjoyed the lesson, Mainly because I was challenged to come up with fruits and vegetables that begin with, Q, X, V and U.

Let’s just say that I feel sad for the “ugli fruit.”

Yup, that’s its real name.

You’ll find out more about the “ugli fruit” when you download my free alphabet fruits and vegetables flashcards below.

Just be ready to get off topic when you get to the “interesting” fruits and vegetables.

It is my hope that you and your child will find these free printable helpful, informative and entertaining. 🙂

And did I mention that these preschool flashcards are great classroom decors, too?

So if you’re ready, just click on the link below to download your free fruits and vegetables flashcards in Pdf format.

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